What We Do

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Play On Ref – Programme

  • The programme delivers a fun introduction to refereeing as the first step of the development pathway
  • This course is designed to be delivered practically, by PE teachers, Coaches and Referee Tutors
  • The advantage of this module is that it has a strong leaning to the development of positive behaviours
  • Delivery through a range of target audiences, such as playground activities, curriculum time sessions, after school clubs, school-club links and tournaments

Play On Ref – Key Objectives

  • Introduce refereeing to young people, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the laws of the game
  • Provide quality instruction on refereeing supported by appropriate resources to create a fun learning environment
  • Encourage links with internal/external stake holders
  • Offer opportunities to officiate in cosseted environments

Play On Ref – Outcomes

Officiating is an integral part of children and young people’s learning and development within football. The following are a few of the key behaviours and skills that are developed within this programme.


  • Knowledge
  • Leadership / Ownership / Empowerment
  • Respect
  • Confidence / Self Esteem / Belief / Feeling of Value


  • Management of self / people / situations
  • Communication – verbal / body language / cool and calm / assertive / non aggressive
  • Courage / Decision making
  • Self esteem

Our Objectives Would Be:

  • Encourage children to take up the challenge to referee small sided games / tournaments
  • To provide children aged 7+ the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge as a referee
  • Support children to progress their refereeing through a structured development pathway
  • Give children the opportunity to experience the enjoyment as a referee at an early stage of their development
  • To support positive behaviours towards referee’s – nurturing and developing respect between the different roles in football
  • Develop leadership skills in children
  • Raising awareness of the referee development pathway