Play on Ref Updates

Since we last touched base so much has been happening regarding the Play on Ref programme. We now have thousands of children and young people undertaking the programme across the country, learning more about refereeing, developing their individual skills and having loads of fun along the way.

We are constantly updating our resources to make sure the children and young people who come through our programmes have new fresh information to dip in and out of and by doing so add to their learning.

We have also updated our website in order to make it more accessible, easier to use and able to collect appropriate data, so our children and young people can login and explore the resources and games, as their profile is now easily recognised.

Coming soon will be a children’s ‘cartoon’ style laws of the game based on our theme ‘can they do that ref’ this will be available as an online book or as a hard copy.

Further new areas of delivery will start in the September, term where we will be again supporting the teachers and coaches in order to maintain the high standards of the programme as it gets off the ground with new schools.