What We Do

Group T-Refz with names


L-R Hoot, Buzz, Pip, Toot, Puff, Peep, Chirp


direct free kick 4Introducing Chirp…Chirp has always loved football but sadly isn’t such a great player, he often tells people that he has two left feet and never sure which one to use! During PE lessons at school, Chirp was often the last player to be selected for the football teams as he knew he was a little bit rubbish, then he was introduced to ‘Play on Ref’ and he loved it, his love of football grew through being the ‘Ref’ – how cool was it to blow the whistle and give a decision, maybe even show a yellow card, it was great, Chirp had found what he was really good at.



direct free kick2Peep was very naughty when she was a little girl and she was always getting into trouble with her parents, with her teachers, well, just about everybody. Her school put her through the ‘Play on Ref’ course and she enjoyed it from the start. She learnt how important it is to respect other people, the game of football, herself and she even learnt how to respect the rules! Now she never gets herself into mischief.




yellow card bPuff used to watch the other children playing football in the park but never had the confidence to ask if he could play too. There always seemed to be just the right number of players for two even teams. Puff could see that there was always a lot of arguing going on between the children about the rules and no one could ever agree on which team had won! When he learnt the proper rules of football through ‘Play on Ref’ the other children asked him to referee their games. From then on, there was no cheating or arguing because Puff was in control.



offside3Since he was small, Toot always wanted to run his own company. He didn’t know what he wanted it to be but he knew he wanted to be a manager. It is very hard for a little boy to learn how to manage people and situations though. ‘Play on Ref’ taught him how to communicate (how to talk, act and how to react) to people his own age by being a referee. He learnt how to always make fair decisions and how to show and tell the players what his decisions were. This will be very good experience for when he is a grown up.



linesman2Pip has always been very pretty but she was very shy. She didn’t have many friends because she couldn’t speak to people as she thought that they would laugh at her. She wanted to run away and hide. Her teacher asked her to help her with ‘Play on Ref’ and she was learning with other shy children. She felt right at home! Everybody was like her and they all became very good friends. This made her feel a lot better about herself and she began to gain confidence off the playing field and in other areas of her life.



throw in bBuzz watched football games on the television with his dad every weekend. His dad would shout things at the television during every match! Buzz had no idea why his dad would be shouting at the referee as everything looked fair to him. His school offered ‘Play on Ref’ to him and straight away he started to learn that there was rules and laws of football and he started to understand what these were! Buzz watched football the very next Saturday and tested his knowledge! He was making the same decisions that the referee and his dad were.



Advantage 2Hoot loves to learn and she loves to keep fit. ‘Play on Ref’ lets her do both at the same time! She has loads of fun learning the rules of football and she loves running around the pitch and putting her knowledge to the test. She has become very good at making decisions (and making them quickly!) during a game and the other children respect her for it. She is known to be very fair to both teams and she sure does know a lot more about football now!